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BOTOX® is a simple cosmetic fix for visible smile lines and crow’s feet. It can also improve the appearance of mild horizontal lines on the forehead. Unlike more aggressive treatments, BOTOX® doesn’t treat the skin directly but instead relaxes the muscles on the face and forehead. This prevents dynamic wrinkles from forming when the individual makes certain facial expressions. It’s not a permanent solution, but it’s a reliable stop-gap treatment for those who feel they are not yet ready for anything more invasive.

Consulting with the Client

We encourage all who want to know more about BOTOX® to schedule a consultation with us. We are professionals with a great deal of experience in administering this simple treatment. BOTOX® is injected beneath the skin and directly into the upper-level facial muscles. The fluid causes these muscles to relax, and this prevents the skin from being pulled or pinched.

Every individual is different, and so the consultation is necessary in order for us to determine which muscles need to be targeted. The location and severity of the dynamic wrinkles determines the injection sites as well as the dosage.

A Simple Treatment

The injections are typically performed in a matter of minutes. The client may not notice any change for a couple of days, but eventually the nerve signals from the brain can no longer reach the affected muscles. The face and forehead won’t feel numb, however. This is because sensory nerves aren’t affected by the BOTOX® fluid.

What It Treats

Most of our clients complain about lines near the corner of the mouth and around the perimeter of the eyes. Smiling, pouting, frowning, or raising of the forehead skin causes these thin wrinkles to become more apparent. Once the BOTOX® fluid settles in and begins to perform its magic, these lines become far less noticeable.

The effects typically last for months at a time. Eventually, the wrinkles will once again become noticeable, and it’s time for repeat injections. The facial muscles, while in a permanently relaxed state, get used to being relaxed because they haven’t contracted fully in months. This means less BOTOX® fluid may be required for subsequent treatments.

Advantages Over Other Skin Treatments

BOTOX® is simple to inject, and because it doesn’t treat the skin directly, it’s effective regardless of skin tone and texture. This makes it available as a skin-smoothing treatment for nearly all adults. There’s usually no downtime after the treatment, and because the injections can be performed in just minutes, it’s easy for the client to schedule a time for receiving the injections.

Learn More About This Treatment

Chances are you’ve seen advertisements and know something about what BOTOX® can do to improve your appearance, but consulting with our team at Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa in Newnan will give you all the answers. You could indeed look younger and more appealing without the need for surgery. Contact us today to book an appointment to learn more about this simple treatment that continues to rise in popularity.

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