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Permanent body hair removal using laser technology has been widely available for over a decade, with millions of people discovering the benefits for themselves. Reasons for wanting permanent removal of body hair include both practical and aesthetic reasons, some of which you may never have previously considered. If you’re wondering why laser hair removal is so popular, there are lots of reasons patients have for seeking this service.

Less Skin Irritation

While some people have very forgiving skin and hair types, others do not. Those with coarse, curly hair often suffer from painful ingrown hairs. This occurs when the hair grows under the skin, cutting the flesh and creating a perfect environment for infection. Ingrown hairs can also leave scars. Others report different problems entirely, such as razor burn or chafing where skin rubs together. All of these issues are uncomfortable, making laser hair removal a great solution.

Less Time Commitment

Just shaving your face every morning can eat up ten or fifteen minutes, while removing hair from legs, underarms, forearms, shoulders, the back and the pubic region can take up to an hour or two a week! People with busy lives often don’t want to devote that much time to repetitive grooming, making laser removal a great choice. If you have a packed schedule with plenty of commitments, laser treatments can give you back thousands of hours over the course of the remainder of your life.

The Less Expensive Option

Add up the cost of all the products you use to remove hair, then multiply that number to a year’s supply. Then multiply it again by the number of years left in your expected lifespan. The final number is likely to astound you, especially if you’re paying for expensive salon waxes, costly skin soothers or fancy four-blade razor cartridges. In the short term, temporary removal seems cheaper than laser. When considered over the cost of a lifetime, however, laser quickly becomes the far less-expensive option.

Less Fussing at the Mirror

Some people simply do not like spending time in the bathroom grooming. It can be annoying to pluck or shave errant eyebrows, hunt for missed chin hairs or carefully form even sideburns again and again. Even if the time wasted isn’t a factor, the act of grooming can be incredibly boring and irritating. By choosing laser hair removal, these annoyances will end forever, leaving the individual free to bathe, brush their teeth and hair and leave the house for the day. If you don’t like fussing over your appearance, laser hair removal will likely appeal to you.

There are plenty of reasons to consider permanent body hair removal. If you’re ready to explore your options and perhaps get rid of your wax, razor and tweezers for good, visit Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa in Newnan. We’d be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have about laser hair removal. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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