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A PRP facial combines the benefits of your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and micro-needling to transform your skin.

It sounds a bit scary, and maybe a bit bizarre, but there is actual science behind the trendy title. Platelet-Rich Plasma has been used for decades to promote healing, and with a PRP facial, your platelets are isolated from your blood and applied to your skin during the micro-needling process.

It isn’t as complex as it may sound. A PRP facial is a three-step process with long-lasting results. It begins with a numbing gel applied to your face.

Your Blood is drawn

Blood is drawn the same way as any routine blood work. Then a machine called a centrifuge spins the drawn blood to separate the platelets (platelet-rich plasma). This plasma is used during the facial. The platelet-rich plasma contains your own growth factors and will be utilized in the rejuvenation process.


A micro-needling pen which uses 12 ultra-fine needles, barely penetrates your skin. The pen creates tiny controlled wounds that signal the skin to repair itself. With increased blood flow, the wounds are repaired with new collagen, and new elastin generates as the area begins to heal. The newly formed repair area continues to improve over time, with even stronger collagen and elastin taking its place.

Plasma is applied to Your Face

After the micro-needles penetrate your skin, your face is coated with the platelet-rich plasma. Your plasma cells penetrate your skin and encourage your facial skin to regenerate, with the added benefits of the growth factors. Over time, the controlled injuries are repaired with new blood vessels, new fatty tissues, and new collagen. This process rejuvenates your appearance.

After the Facial

You may have some redness or swelling, and there may be some minor bruising, but the after-effects should improve quickly. Your doctor will instruct you on the best way to care for your face for the next few days.

While you may see initial benefits within the first week or two, your skin will continually improve over the next two to three months. Your final results will fast for a year or two:

• Improves skin tone • Improves vertical lines around the mouth • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles • Improves scars from acne, chicken pox or injury • Tightens and firms the face • Reduces pore size • Improves melasma • Reduces stretch marks

The PRP facial may not be right for everyone, but there are benefits from using your own fluids for the process. You will get natural results without fillers or risk of allergic reaction.

For expert advice or more information on the PRP facial, contact the Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa. Start your journey to regain your youthful appearance today.

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