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If your eyelashes are getting thin and faded, it’s possible to restore your luster with Latisse, a popular new over-the-counter treatment. From the manufacturers of popular treatments Botox and Juvederm, this at-home treatment kick-starts your body’s natural hair growth to create more and thicker eyelashes. It’s one of many popular treatments we offer at Ciao Bella Med Spa in Newnan, Georgia.

How Often Should You Use Latisse? And Other FAQs

How Does the Treatment Work?

The active ingredient, Bimatoprost, is a compound originally designed as a glaucoma treatment that triggers the body’s natural eyelash growth. It affects your body’s hair growth in two ways. First, it increases the growth rate of your body’s existing eyelashes. Second, it slowly boosts the dormant hair follicles and creates new hairs where they had previously fallen out.

How Is Latisse Used?

This treatment is an outpatient formula prescribed at our med spa and applied at home using an included applicator to coat the base of the upper eyelashes. The application is similar to mascara and doesn’t involve any injections or in-office treatments. It’s an ideal choice for someone with a regular makeup routine and a steady hand.

How Often Should I Use Latisse?

The treatment should be applied daily in the evenings, allowing the formula to be absorbed by your eyelashes as you sleep. For the first sixteen weeks, it should be applied nightly to give your body a sufficient dose for permanent growth. After the completion of this initial treatment, the doctor who prescribed it will explain a more infrequent maintenance routine to preserve the growth.

When Will I See Results and How Long Will They Last?

You’ll see the first signs of growth after eight weeks with full results showing up between twelve and sixteen weeks. Most of the growth is overnight as your body absorbs the chemical while you sleep.

The effects are not permanent, and your eyelashes will return to their normal thickness after two months if you stop using the product. The good news is that with regular maintenance treatments, you can preserve your new growth for the long-term.

Can I Wear Eye Makeup During Treatment?

Many users wear mascara while using the formula, and the two shouldn’t interfere with each other. As the treatment is used on the base of the eyelashes and mascara is applied to the body of the hairs, they can coexist.

Is Latisse Safe and Comfortable?

Yes, the treatment should be comfortable when applied properly using the included applicator. Any minor redness shouldn’t cause any discomfort and will fade while you sleep. The product is safe for users except those with allergies, so disclose any allergies to your doctor when seeking a prescription to ensure no allergens are present.

Fuller Eyelashes Are a Daily Treatment Away

Latisse is one of the most popular and effective treatments for thinning eyelashes. Contact Ciao Bella Med Spa in Newnan, Georgia to get started or for more information on our many cosmetic services.

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