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Hormonal fluctuations can take a toll on a woman’s body, especially in menopause, after childbirth, and following cancer treatments. Estrogen drops off and causes vaginal tissues to become dry, sensitive, and painful. Women previously accepted these changes as part of the natural aging process. But today, MonaLisa Touch can rejuvenate vaginal tissues and restore a sense of youth – and it’s available at Ciao Bella Medical Center & Spa in Newnan, GA.

How Long Does MonaLisa Touch Last?

It’s a treatment that takes just three to five minutes to deliver but provides results that can last up to several years. You’ll need to complete the treatment plan we develop for you, and the therapy’s effects will depend on factors like your age, lifestyle (diet, exercise, and so on), and the severity of your atrophy. But even as the initial effects gradually wear off, it’s possible to maintain your results with top-off sessions.

Collagen Stimulation

If you’re wondering how a simple and pain-free treatment can deliver such long-lasting effect, we have two words for you: collagen stimulation. Essentially, the MonaLisa Touch system (ML) targets the collagen layer within your vaginal walls. This layer sits well below the surface and absorbs light energy emitted by the laser. The collagen layer then warms slightly above normal body temperatures to reach the coagulation point.

A Revitalizing Treatment

Once the collagen layer is warmed to this extent, it develops tiny micro-lesions that push the body’s healing systems into action. Chief within this process is new collagen production. At the same time, existing collagen that’s damaged leaves the vagina and enters the circulatory system to make room for new, healthy tissues.

The new collagen formation works in a multitude of ways to rebalance the form and function of your vagina. First, it plumps tissues to help the area feel tighter and stronger. It also restores moisture to vaginal walls and increases thickness and elasticity in the epithelium. Normal pH levels return to reduce urinary infections and improve overall health. By the end of your treatment plan, your vagina will feel more youthful and better lubricated.

Diving Into Details

A session with ML is very similar to your annual gynecological exam. You’ll lie back in the same position on the exam table, and once you’re comfortable, a numbing cream will likely be applied. We’ll then use the wand-shaped laser to direct laser energy pulses toward your vagina. You’ll feel nothing more than slight warmth and a barely discernible vibration as we treat both the interior and exterior tissues. This ensures the most comprehensive results possible.

Because the ML is a CO2 laser, we’ll provide you with a pair of safety glasses that must be worn during treatment. We do not use anesthesia, and the treatment is gentle enough that it is not associated with any downtime. You’ll be able to immediately return to your regular schedule with the exception of a few precautions. To illustrate, we’ll likely recommend you abstain for two or three days from:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Weight training
  • Hot baths
  • Intercourse

Immediate Results

While collagen will continue synthesizing for one to two months, you will likely experience immediate results after just one treatment. We often recommend three to six treatments total, each spaced about two months apart, to obtain the maximum benefit. Before proceeding with each treatment, we’ll discuss your progress to determine if additional therapy is needed.

Once treatments are finished, you’re free to enjoy the full rejuvenating effects of ML. After a year, we can suggest a maintenance schedule that meets your unique needs.

The Benefits of Treatment

By strengthening internal tissues, the ML helps fight symptoms related to vaginal atrophy. This term broadly refers to the thinning, drying, and inflammation of vaginal walls – all of which are caused by waning estrogen levels. Vaginal atrophy is a widespread problem among both pre- and post-menopausal women. Not only is it uncomfortable on a daily basis, but it also makes intercourse painful and leads to distressing urinary symptoms.

The invigorating effects of ML can stop pain, irritation, and itching. It restores and rehydrates tissues to improve self-confidence both in and out of the bedroom. Last but not least, it can amplify sexual pleasure in ways that benefit both partners. And treatment can be customized to provide targeted results based on the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Answers to Common Questions

We’re often asked if treatment is painful, and we want to repeat what we said earlier: it is not. You’ll rest comfortably while we quickly and effectively direct the laser’s energy to vaginal tissues.

Many women additionally ask if ML is safe for everyone. This treatment is not associated with exclusion criteria, except in women with serious local or systemic diseases. In general, however, we recommend ML for those with vaginal disorders that include burning, itching, laxity, and dryness. We’ll determine if ML is a good fit for you by asking about your current and previous medical conditions and performing a thorough exam.

Restore Comfort and Confidence

Tighter tissues, fewer leaks, and improved sexual satisfaction. These are just some of the effects you can enjoy after treatment with ML. Sessions are quick and painless, and with the exception of a few activities, you can immediately return to your normal routine. Learn more, and schedule your consultation, by contacting Ciao Bella Medical Center & Spa in Newnan, GA, today.

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