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Most every woman today dreams of having thick, luscious eyelashes. Unfortunately, not all of us are naturally blessed with this highly desirable look. At Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa in Newnan, GA, we offer an alternative to the annoying daily ritual of mascara and false eyelashes through a treatment called Latisse.

Aging is the biggest contributing factor to thinning lashes. As we age, our skin’s ability to retain moisture decreases which can lead to hormonal imbalances. When the hormone levels drop off, it affects follicle stimulation which then slows down the growth of new hair. Other factors such as obsessive eye rubbing, poor makeup hygiene, thyroid imbalance, and eye infections also affect follicle stimulation. Our treatment can help with all of the aforementioned conditions.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is the brand name used for the marketing of a medication known as bimatoprost. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat hypotrichosis, or the lack of hair growth (particularly in the eyelashes for our purposes).

Bimatoprost was first marketed as Lumigan, which is a prescription that treats glaucoma. When eyelash growth was recorded as an unintended side effect of Lumigan, it was recreated and rebranded to treat eyelash growth specifically.

How to Apply

The treatment is simple and easy to apply. Each box will include a bottle containing the solution and 60 applicator brushes. It may be best to use the lid of the bottle to apply a single drop, then using two brushes (one for each eyelid) dip once and brush the upper eyelid and dispose of the applicator brushes. Put the cap back on the bottle and put your items away until it is time to reapply the following day.

By performing regular applications, the solution will gradually encourage and increase the growth of longer and thicker eyelashes. You may only apply the solution to the upper eyelid and be sure to use it once a day, every day for at least two months. It is advisable to continue treatment for as long as you wish to have fuller eyelashes. Eventually, after ceasing treatment your eyelashes will return to normal growth.

7 Benefits of Latisse

1. Easy Application

The treatment is completely DIY and can be performed at home or on the go! When you receive your prescription, we will go over the instructions and explain how to apply it correctly. After we go over this with you, you should have no issue applying the solution every day on your own.

2. No More Temporary Solutions

Once you receive your prescription, you may as well throw away your extensions and mascara as you will no longer have a use for them. Another benefit is that you will no longer subject yourself to the harsh chemicals used in these products which contribute to thinning eyelashes in the first place.

3. Quick Results

With Latisse, you won’t be waiting forever to see results. Within just 16 weeks of treatment, you will see thicker, darker, and fuller lashes.

4. Works With Glasses and Contact Lenses

There is no issue if you want to use the treatment while wearing your glasses or contact lenses. Just bring this up during your initial consultation with us, and we will walk you through how to safely apply the product without it getting in the way.

5. Added Health Protection

Since you will be using a prescription medication, this means you are going to be consulting with one of our doctors. Since you will be working with medical professionals, your health will always be the first concern, even though the treatment itself is safe.

6. Time-Saving

With this treatment, you will no longer have to take time out of your mornings and evenings applying and removing your eyelashes. Imagine the freedom of going to sleep and waking up to full, beautiful lashes. Having that extra step eliminated may allow you a little extra time to sleep in.

7. Who Doesn’t Love Compliments?

As the treatment starts to work its magic, those around are likely to notice your natural-looking transformation. And the compliments will start to pour in. Be it as it may, self-confidence is important. And the constant compliments from friends and family on your eyelashes can boost your confidence. And confidence can lead to many other positive benefits in your life like freedom from self-doubt and negative thoughts about yourself.

Don’t Wait, Get Fuller Lashes Now!

Thinning eyelashes happens as we age. But we don’t have to accept defeat and rely on harmful chemical products to get the lashes we desire. Everyone wants fuller, darker lashes, and we go through a lot to achieve this look. But we all envy those with naturally thick, gorgeous lashes. Now that person can be you!

We would love to help those that want fuller lashes but are tired of the bothersome application of mascara and fake eyelashes. Latisse is for those who want real growth and thickness. If this sounds like you, contact us at Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa in Newnan, GA to schedule a consultation. Our medical staff are licensed professionals and would love to inform you of the wonderful results you can expect from this treatment.

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