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The vagina is such a sensitive area for women, one that most are reluctant to talk about when they are experiencing any type of problem. If you are suffering from discomfort in your vaginal area, you are not alone. Problems can range from something as simple as dryness that won’t go away, to irritation and pain during intercourse. You may experience embarrassing bouts of urinary incontinence that stem from issues with your vagina.

These types of problems are typical for women as they approach menopause later in life. Many women also are faced with vaginal troubles after they have had a baby. If you are experiencing discomfort in your vagina, you can do something about. The MonaLisa Touch™ could be a simple solution that can restore balance to your vagina.

What is the MonaLisa Touch™ All About?

The MonaLisa Touch™ allows you to have a solution for your vaginal problems that does not require uncomfortable injections or invasive surgery. It uses a laser that is applied to the delicate, inner tissues of your vagina. The laser uses CO2 energy that focuses on the wall of the vagina. Due to the gentle heat of the MonaLisa Touch™ laser, your body will go to work, producing collagen in your vaginal tissues.

Balance will be restored, and you will be able to reap the benefits of the MonaLisa Touch™. You can expect moisture to return as your body’s natural lubrication processes kick in. The tissues will be rejuvenated, eliminating the irritation that is the source of your discomfort. When the tissues are no longer irritated, urinary incontinence can be addressed, as well. Experience comfort and improvements in the bedroom thanks to the MonaLisa Touch™.

What You Can Expect During a MonaLisa Touch™ Treatment

When it comes to the vagina, you may be wary of any type of treatment. It’s such a sensitive part of the body. The last thing you want to experience is more pain or discomfort. The MonaLisa Touch™ is a gentle solution. It doesn’t cause discomfort, only a gentle sensation of warming.

You won’t have to deal with needles or incisions. You’ll come to our office, take a few minutes for treatment and be able to go on with your day. There’s no downtime.

Learn More About the MonaLisa Touch™ Treatment

If you have been suffering in silence with vaginal problems, it’s time to ask our experts about the MonaLisa Touch™. You don’t have to accept the itching, irritation, and pain that can be caused by imbalances in the vagina.

Located in Newnan, Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa is here to answer any questions you may have. Whether your problem is due to hormonal imbalances or the strains that occur in the vagina after childbirth, the MonaLisa Touch™ could be the remedy for you. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to learn more.

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