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Countless skin conditions can affect the quality and beauty of the skin. These degenerative conditions can worsen with age, exposure to the sun, disease and a long list of often unavoidable circumstances.

The worst part is that skin tends to remain functional even when it experiences certain degradation. This leads to a lack of a proper repair response from the body, which allows these conditions to persist and worsen with time.

In the past, the only way to treat these problems was surgery and other invasive treatments, which can leave permanent marks and cause a marked amount of discomfort. When a patient experiences minor to moderate degeneration in the skin, surgery may be too extreme of a procedure.

Ultherapy® represents one of the newest and most effective non-invasive treatments for skin problems. It can selectively destroy undesirable cells to coax the body into repairing and replacing affected skin cells. This can allow your skin to look clearer and feel more firm than before.

How Does Ultherapy® Work?

To understand the benefits of this treatment, it’s important to understand the basics of how it works. When you undergo this treatment, ultrasonic waves are applied to your skin. These waves pass harmlessly through healthy skin cells and other desirable formations within the skin, but they resonate with target cells of a certain density beneath the skin. This causes them to vibrate, which causes heat.

The heat safely destroys these cells, which allows the lymphatic system to remove them. It also encourages blood flow to treated areas; this expedites healing, encourages nutrient delivery and helps to improve the overall results that a patient receives.

What are the Benefits?

Ultherapy® is a unique non-invasive approach to treating age-old skin problems. This allows it to offer a few unique benefits that other approaches may not be able to deliver. These benefits include:

  • Fixing fine lines, wrinkles and texture issues without surgery – Ultherapy® works to non-surgically treat everything from fine lines to age spots. It can do so without surgery, fillers or even breaking the skin.
  • Faster recovery times versus other treatments – The increased blood flow coupled with the minimal tissue destruction allows for Ultherapy® to require less healing than other treatments. This means that you can be back to your normal routine following treatment.
  • Results that get better with time – The results of this treatment tend to get better with time as the body is allowed to heal itself. Repeated treatments coupled with adequate healing will produce optimal results in most cases.

Is Ultherapy® Right for You?

Ultherapy® is a powerful, state-of-the-art treatment for fine lines, wrinkles and other blemishes. It can effectively treat many of the issues that can lead to an aged appearance.

To learn more about Ultherapy®, or to see if you are an ideal candidate for it, schedule a consultation at Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa in Newnan. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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