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When people first hear about getting longer, darker eyelashes with Latisse®, they might think of false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. Or they may think that it is a form of makeup or a cream that improves the condition of your lashes. Many are surprised to find out that it is a treatment that actually helps you grow natural, dark, beautiful eyelashes. Learn about the advantages of Latisse® to find out if this treatment is right for you.

1. This treatment is very easy to perform each day. After you visit us for your consultation and get your prescription, we will give you exact instructions on how to apply it. You will be pleased to learn that it is simply applied to the upper lash line each day. That’s it!

2. You can throw away your mascara, false eyelashes, and eyelash extensions. You no longer have to bother with these expensive and annoying treatments, and you will no longer have to expose yourself to the harsh chemicals that are contained in the makeup or glue that is used to apply eyelash extensions or false eyelashes.

3. One of the best things about using Latisse® is that you do not have to wait long for your eyelashes to grow in thicker and darker. Usually, people see amazing results after just 16 weeks of treatment.

4. If you wear contact lenses, you can still use Latisse®. This is something that you should mention during your initial consultation. We will give you instructions on how to apply the product even if you wear contact lenses or glasses.

5. Since Latisse® is a prescription medication, you are going to be working closely with our medical professionals to learn how to apply the treatment. While this treatment is extremely safe, the fact that you are working with a doctor means that your health will be protected.

6. This treatment gives you more freedom. If you normally go through the process of waking up in the morning, applying makeup or false eyelashes, and then getting on with your day, you will finally be able to eliminate that extra step. You can just get out of bed in the morning and your eyelashes will look gorgeous.

7. You are likely to get a lot of compliments from friends and family members when they start to see your eyelashes grow in thicker and darker. In addition to seeing other individuals treat you in a more positive way because of the improvements in your appearance, you are also going to get a boost of confidence. Latisse® will help bring drama and definition to your eyes

The experts at Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa are pleased to provide this treatment to clients in the Newnan area. Contact us to learn more about the benefits you can receive using Latisse®. We would be happy to schedule a consultation with you.

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